Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Just in time to make the jewelry which is in red colour for this take part in this contest. :D

Above is the product I used for this makeup, I know I am newbie so much to learn. I take pictures myself as nobody help me out. Due to lighting I not get the picture clear. :(

Below is the products I used for this contest.
  • Beauty Treats for eyeshadow
  • Muse diamond eyeshadow
  • Maybelline cover stick
  • Wonderlux lipstick Stage
  • lipliner stage
  • Eyeko mascara

I love contest and I am taking part for MONOCHROMATIC LOOKS!
Contest is held at and her twitter page @rubeylalia

It is my first time to try this contest so bear with me. I choose red colour because I love it, say it look like maroon hehe..


1. must be a follower of this blog
done I am sherry
2.must be a follower of my twitter (@rubeylalia) done as I am @sherrygo
3.if your under 18 get permission please
To take part the contest just click on above link!