Friday, April 24, 2009

Give me a name@SweetDarling79

Give me a name@SweetDarling79 is where you need to give a name for this blog owner. I am taking part so can you!

Kedai Baju is where you can see many design and pattern of t-shirts.

SweetDbaju. This name will be my choice as this blog name is SweetDarling I think SweetD is nice in short. Baju because most of the items offer are tees.

One winner will get the chance to win a RM$25 T-shirt with the creative and unique name of the store name by the Winner.

Contest has started and ends on 8 May, 2009.


  1. hey you hve lots of blogs!!!! Nweis thnks for visiting mine, got that opp from PPP, eeheheh =) nweis yes its hot here, summer is still up, but a little bit rainy bec may is rainy season already =)
    i waws contacted by sungirl, where I won yoplait, she asked for my adress and nme, just dunno if they already shipped it =) hope i got it already i am so excited!

  2. hi Jes yeah lots of blogs as started them when taking part in Makoy's contest.


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