Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cupcake Conture Contest

I am taking part in Cupcake Conture Contest, this is fun contest and I am in. I am choosing the day to night outfit contest!

Above is day time out fit, so it is simple and nice.

Above is night time out fit, take a look which I have my blue top tucked in!
There is charms hanging out of the pant.
You might not know that the blue top, I can pull both side down the shoulder.
Day time the blue top is both side are not down.
Take a look at this pant! It is so nice, it looks like a dress too. The side cutting is where you can see.
Now I have added necklace which earlier I do not have at all for day time.
Above is suitable for night!

Let me know what you think. :)

Now onto the PRIZES!! As of right now here's a list of the prizes for 1st place:

Victoria Beckhams book

Lush's Bath Bomb in THINK PINK BATH BOMB

Lush's Bubble Bar in FROSTY GLITTER


NYX False Lashes(not this particular style, I'll choose one)

If you like what you see, you will want to win!
written rules:

#1: Must be a follower to my blog

#2: Entry must be in by June 29th, giving you 3 weeks from today to enter..

#3: You must post my announcement in your blog to be entered in, just make a link in your blog stating I'm having a contest. This gives more people to be able to enter and also always me to give away MORE goodies. If I have enough entries I will do 1st, 2nd AND 3rd places...

#4: Actual contest is a Day to Night outfit and/or makeup look... try to make it as simple as possible... Work friendly to a night out on the town friendly... more effort is more consideration! But try to make it as simple as possible... I'm not looking for something over-the-top... but if you do it's still good too!! ALSO NOT STATED IN MY VIDEO YOU HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE WORK FRIENDLY LOOK AND THEN A PICTURE OF THE NIGHT OUT LOOK...Any questions please comment... There's even an example in my YouTube video... You don't have to do BOTH you could do one or the other(make up/outfit) You can do just the make up or you can do just the outfit. But if you do both, more consideration... :)

#5: If you're doing the makeup look alone please list products you used, this will help my readers if they like your look see what you used...

#6: Leave me a comment or video response telling me you entered!!!

#7: I will be the judge, I'm not doing a poll or anything like that, I have my reasons, and I'll keep it at that...

For more info click on the link as contest ends on 29 June, 2009.


  1. wow nice =) eheheh at last i saw your face already..so is that normal? I htought you were just goofing around =) but thats okay gurl!

  2. hi Jes, thanks for coming by. :) haha.. goofing around :) new word I learn today!

  3. Heyyyy, thanks for joining my contest, and you are qualified, very cute!

    I hope to announce more prizes and the winner after June 29th

  4. @chris, thanks for coming ;)

    @cupcake couture, thank you :)


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